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  • I think my garage door sensors are broken, can they be fixed?

    One of the most common causes for automatic doors to stop working, is the sensors coming out of alignment. As a safety measure, if the connection between the sensors is broken the doors will not open. You will need to make sure the sensors are aligned, and if it still does not work, you may need to have them replaced.

  • Why should I install windows?

    Garage door windows are useful to people spending time in the garage. They are great because they allow the penetration of sunlight. This way, the garage will be more cheerful and your energy expenses will drop. They'll also contribute to the beautification of your property.

  • Which garage door will be best for my house?

    Homes have different requirements. Check the space in and out of the garage in order to choose the right door type. Select materials based on the climate of your location. The size would depend on your garage according to our specialists in Poway.

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