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Useful Garage Door Tips

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Useful Garage Door Tips

If you're after practical ideas and solutions when it comes to caring for your garage door, browse this section for a collection of helpful tips, all provided directly by our specialists in Poway.

Keep your garage door remote control away from kids

Some kids will try to find all kinds of ways to get their hands on your garage door remote. Obviously, these can be very dangerous toys, especially if the kids are standing near to the overhead door while it's in motion. It's best to tell them about the dangers of the garage door and hide the remote!

Maintain your wooden garage door regularly

Wood needs frequent maintenance if you want it to last. In damp climates, our experts suggest checking for mold regularly and applying a recoating at least once a year.  It's also smart to repaint your time on a fairly regular basis to avoid surface problems and wear. Lastly, give special attention to the wood's edges since they might warp.

How to prevent your springs from snapping

Garage door springs are particularly dangerous parts of your garage door system because they are wound up so tightly with tension. If they break, they can literally fly into the air, causing injury to anyone in the vicinity. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines in terms of recommended lifespan and make sure you replace these components at the end of their life. In the meantime, it's also good to make sure they're well maintained - well adjusted and lubricated.

Invest in a high quality keypad

There are various wireless garage door keypads available on the market to choose from. As a minimum, make sure the keypad you choose has a waterproof cover and backlit buttons so that you're able to operate it in the dark if needed. It's also a good idea to check you can program temporary codes for visitors in addition to your personal ones.


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