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If you want practical solutions and great ideas about garage door maintenance, read the best tips here. You will find them easy to understand and very useful when you encounter problems and have second thoughts about what steps to take to ensure proper operation.  Do you want to get some information about garage doors? Choose to read the following tips

  • Hide remotes from kid

    Kids will always find ways to get their hands on garage door clickers since they are great toys in their eyes. But they can also be very dangerous toys, especially if the kids are standing under the overhead door. It's best to tell them about the dangers of the garage door and still hide the remote.

  • Manual door opening

    While most garage doors have automatic opening systems, there are homes that still use manual garage doors. It is easier to diagnose a problem with manual garage doors because all you need to do is open and close it. Any unusual sounds, difficulty in opening and closing, and difficulty in keeping the door opened are all indicators of a door problem.

  • Maintain the wood garage door often

    Wood needs frequent maintenance since it's not very resistant. If the climate at your location is pretty damp, our experts suggest maintaining the wooden door once a year. It's also smart to sand it and repaint it to avoid problems with the surface. Also give special attention to the wood's edges since they might warp.

  • Preventing accidents

    Garage door accidents are common especially when the door is closing. To prevent this, garage door repair specialists in Poway advise owners to buy a door opener with photoelectric eye safety beams. This helps in detecting any obstruction in the door's path if the beam is broken and reverses the door completely.

  • Dealing with a Lost Remote Control

    Don’t panic when you have lost your garage door remote controls. You might have just misplaced them somewhere in your house. If not, you can look inside your bag. If it is really lost, it is suggested to contact one of our technicians for further assistance.

  • How to prevent springs from snapping

    Garage door springs are some of the most dangerous parts of the system because they are wound with tension. If they break, they will literally fly in the air and someone may get hurt. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer and replace them on time. In the meantime, make sure they're maintained, adjusted and lubricated.

  • Get the best keypads

    There are various wireless garage door keypads on the market and they're all made of high technology according to Garage Door Repair Poway. Make sure the keypad you choose has a waterproof cover and backlit buttons, so that you can distinguish them better in the dark. Make sure you can program temporary codes for visitors apart from your personal ones.

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