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Garage Door Springs

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Garage Door Springs in California

* What would happen if you need a broken spring repair in Poway?

* What would happen if you need a Poway broken spring replacement?

* What would happen if you need a Poway torsion spring fixed?

* What would happen if you need Poway extension springs replaced?

* What would happen if you need a Poway spring repair done quickly?

* What would happen if you need to fix garage door spring in Poway?

* What would happen if you need to replace torsion spring in Poway?

In any of these situations, the best answer is to call in the professionals here at Garage Door Repair Poway. We are the leading garage door specialists in the area. Our technicians can handle just about any problem you might be having.

If resolving that pesky garage door trouble means getting dirty, then we will plunge into the grime and oil. Though with experience, we have found better alternatives than wrestling with broken parts. Our expert repair guys have devised clever yet effective ways to address garage door problems professionally. By professional, we mean methodical, accurate, and effectual procedures to solve any issue. So whether needing repair, installation, replacement, fine tuning, or overhaul, depend on us to provide the best help you can secure. Next to effective solutions, our second policy is safety. We adhere to protocols ensuring safe handling of the problem, and importantly, leaving customers with functional and safe garage doors. There is no reason to get stressed by any malfunctioning or uncooperative door any more. Pick from our wide variety of first-rate services. Call us and we’ll take care of the work.

Broken springs are something our technicians see on service calls all around Poway. Doing a broken spring replacement in Poway, there are two types of springs:

* Two springs on your garage door are extension springs. When you look above the two sides of your closed garage door, you will see a cable attached a wheel or drum. The cable attaches to the extension spring itself. Even you have a single broken extension spring in Poway, the door may come out of alignment.

* The horizontal spring above your garage door is the torsion spring. That spring carries a heavy load. It balances the door's weight and eases the burden of lifting it for both the human and garage door opener. If you need to replace a torsion spring in Poway, it can be dangerous.

If you find yourself in need of a broken garage door spring repair in Poway, call us here at Garage Door Repair Poway. We are available when you need someone to handle any repair on your garage door or opener:

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