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Properly maintaining your opener will help to keep it functional and should the need arise, our repair and replacement services are on hand to address any malfunctions. There are a number of makes and models when it comes to these systems but all of them fall under three broad mechanical categories. Read on to learn more.

Choosing The Right Opener

When choosing a garage door opener, you can select from three types: the chain, belt, or screw drive. The chain drive uses a chain to lift the door. It is a more affordable option but a little noisy, and is therefore recommended for detached garages. The belt drive uses a belt in place of the chain, resulting in a quieter operation. Models of this type are sometimes more expensive but better suited for attached garages where noise is likely to be an issue. The screw drive system uses a threaded rod and a trolley to move the door. Although these systems can be noisy too, units of this type need very little in the way of maintenance because they only consist of a few parts. This type is recommended for those who do not mind the noise and who do not want to be bothered by regular maintenance.

You may also be interested to learn about some of the different additional features that can be included with particular models, such as smart device compatibility. Our experts can help you choose the perfect opener based on your needs, budget, and type of garage door.

Installing Your New Unit

We can install your new opener properly and safely. We will prepare the garage door, then assemble and install the new unit as well as any additional features you wish to have put in place. The safety features for your new opener will include an automatic reversal system and electronic sensors – we always test that these things are working properly before completing a job.

Maintaining And Repairing Your Device

Regular maintenance of your garage door opener will help to keep it operational. We can lubricate screw drive system or adjust chain drives if needed. Should you have a problem with your unit, its sensors, safety reversal features, or the remote, our repair technicians will find the cause and fix or replace the faulty components.

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